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The IT sphere is developing at a frantic pace around the globe. The city of Leeds is no exception. After all, there are many companies and start-ups related to the sphere. The Phoenix Partnership is one of those software companies. Its founder and CEO is Francis Hester, who grew up in Leeds. In this article, we will tell you about the life and activities of the businessman. Learn more at

What is known about Francis Hester and his company?

Francis Hester was born in Leeds in 1966. He is of Irish descent, as his parents immigrated from Ireland to the United Kingdom.

In 1997, he founded The Phoenix Partnership, which specialises in providing healthcare technologies. Francis Hester made a fortune thanks to this company. By the way, Hester was included in the Sunday Times list of the richest people.

In 2005, Francis, together with his university friend, started creating software. Hester was motivated to develop technologies for health care by his ex-wife, a general practitioner. SystmOne software has become one of the two leading players in the market, supplying approximately 2,700 general practices in England.

Francis Hester’s recognition

In 2012, Francis was elected to the TechUK board as a spokesperson for the health IT sector. A year later, Hester was listed among the 50 best innovators in the UK according to HSJ, the national healthcare publication.

In 2015, Francis Hester was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for services to health care. After just five years, the Department of Health and Social Care has awarded contracts worth £135 million to The Phoenix Partnership. As of 2023, the Sunday Times Rich List estimates Hester’s fortune at £415 million.

It should be noted that the company’s IT employees had great benefits. In addition, they had the opportunity to visit the local pub for free every Friday. The company also paid for sea trips for its employees.

Francis Hester and politics

Francis Hester is not only the owner of the IT company, he is also the largest donor to the Conservative Party. In 2023, the businessman donated £5 million to the party. A few months later, he made a second £5 million donation. 

The businessman noted that there was a period when he voted for the Green Party, but then he changed his political views. Hester supports the position of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who is committed to solving the NHS problems. In addition, the millionaire met with the Prime Minister several times and even gave Rishi Sunak his own helicopter.

Francis Hester made a great contribution to IT development. After all, he played an important role in the development of technological infrastructure in the financial industry at the beginning of his career. Today, his company provides industry-leading software that is transforming healthcare around the world. The company brings Hester not only money but also world recognition.

We hope that our article was informative and that you learned more information about this famous person from Leeds. What have you heard about The Phoenix Partnership? We are waiting for your comments on our social networks.

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